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Vibrators are a Girl’s Best Friend

I recently watched a great movie called “Hysteria” which, to my surprise, was not a horror movie. It was about the first female vibrator! This movie had everything: history, comedy, sex, Hugh Dancy… seriously, what more could a girl want? However, there is one scary part of the movie. I learned that the origins of the female vibrator are horrifically sexist and oppressive. Continue reading “Vibrators are a Girl’s Best Friend”


A Woman 100 Years Ahead of Her Time

Who invented the first computer? I’ll give you a hint: she’s considered the mother of computer programming.

Continue reading “A Woman 100 Years Ahead of Her Time”

Red Light! Green Light! Traffic Signals!

I was sitting in my car on the way home from work the other day, stuck in traffic, bored out of my mind. I was thinking to myself, I could fly past all these cars and be home in 15 minutes if everyone just moved to the side of the road. An unoriginal notion, I’m sure. Alas, I was stopped at a traffic light, unable to move. Then I thought, how strange it is that everyone accepts the authority of a traffic light, and that thought made me wonder how that came to be (hey, better than thinking about the traffic itself). As it turns out, its origin had a dim start. Continue reading “Red Light! Green Light! Traffic Signals!”

The Gutenberg Revolution

Try to imagine printing technology before there were computers, electronic printers, and even typewriters. It must have been primitive, right? Au contraire, dear. The printing press, the first method of producing the printed word, influenced a change of culture and society forever.

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