I fell in love with history when I was in 5th grade and found out the Founding Fathers did not allow Benjamin Franklin to write the Declaration of Independence for fear he would write subtle witticism and satire in the document. Yes, they were afraid he’d write crude jokes and sarcastic comments in the biggest break up letter of all time.

What I love most about history is that it is a fascinating study of human behavior. I know that most people hated history class because they thought it was just about the names and dates. What good is a name if you don’t know it’s significance? Of course they are important, but those details fall into place after you learn about why events happened a certain way and why people did the things that they did. If someone were to ask me, “How did World War II happen?” I’d say, “Well, sit your little bottom down because it started in the 1870s when Germany began to unite…” (I wish I was kidding).  History is so much more than facts, it is a continuous story of humanity that is ever-changing. Believe it or not, history is not set in stone. I had a professor once say, “History is written by the winners”. While that tends to be true, I encourage everyone to dive deeper because the stories don’t end there.  History is far more hilarious and dramatic than people think. You can’t make this shit up! But truly, it is a fascinating, funny, heartbreaking, and wonderful study of the evolution of humanity.

I have a bachelor’s degree in history and theatre.  With that said, it should be no surprise that I am an avid reader, writer, researcher, and storyteller. I also know a ton of history puns, so yes, I’m super fun at parties.  I am gonna rock your world with knowledge.

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